"Go to Your Studio and Make Stuff" Fred Babb

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Dream Work

Coyote showed up in my dream the other night.  When he shows up, he has my attention.   There's much that could be said about power animals, animal spirit guides, etc.  I won't go into that, but the Coyote has meaning to me and comes to teach a lesson.  So, painting about it helped me to sort what I think the lesson is.  Mixed Media on cardstock. 

Rainy season here in south Florida is definitely on and it's the worst season for my asthma.  I didn't dream about this, but just painted about receiving healing from a Reiki practitioner and working on my own healing vibes.  Mixed Media.

Oh, my - some days I just want to have pink hair and hang out in the garden with my dogs.  My husband thinks this looks like Jane Jetson...hmmmm.  At least he looked at it! Ha!   Another journal entry of mixed media on cardstock. 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

More Mail Art

I recently participated in an art swap with Black and White as the theme.  The colored pencil postcard on the left depicts a member of the Sing-sing tribe in Papua New Guinea.  They're the ones that paint white skeletons on themselves and are so striking!  The other card didn't turn out quite as I had hoped, but it's an example of a tattoo that the Maori of New Zealand use.  (I like to incorporate tribal things into my art on a regular basis.)

A new art friend requested a Found Poetry postcard to add to his collection.  I think he is planning a blog with them.  (I'll have to check on that.)  These are a lot of fun to do.  Acrylic and ink.

Adding some colored penciled flowers to a plain envelope to send out in a swap.  Can't waste an opportunity to add mail art! ☮

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Fun Projects

I've been painting more tin cans to use as planters.  I enjoy painting the Day of the Dead motifs.  They're so colorful and easy to paint on the ridges of the can.

I've been participating in a few art swaps lately.  This is a collaged postcard created on an acrylic painted background.  

And here's a few collaged ATC cards.  ATC stands for Artist trading cards.  I usually include one in any personal art swaps I'm doing.  I'm discovering that "fussy cutting" isn't one of my favored things - Ha!  

Hope you're out there creating every day!  ☮

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Intuitive Art

Lately, I've been working on some intuitive type art.  One aspect of this type of painting is to just create without worrying about the outcome.  Part of me thinks "Isn't all art intuitive?"  - well, there are great sites out there to read more about it and which can explain it far better than I.  I have found it to be extremely freeing and FUN!

This is part of a larger piece I've titled Worry Warrior.  I had no idea where it was going when I started and that's such an odd feeling.  It was hard at first to just relax and do "whatever".  But the more I do, of course, the easier it gets :)

Okay, this one is a little odd - I decided to include some of my dreams as a starting point.  I had dreamed of red salvias and a man with a large nostril.  Oh, and a tornado.  Yup - no clue where it was going after that.  Don't care :)  it was fun, enlightening and has gotten me out of a rut.  I think I'll just keep doing them and see where it leads...

All are mixed media.