"Go to Your Studio and Make Stuff" Fred Babb

Sunday, October 25, 2015

My Garden Journal

As you can see, it's been quite awhile since I made an entry with a painting in my garden journal.

I write in it several times a week, and sometimes make a sketch or two - but rarely anymore do I add a painting.  Which I think it's about time to do again!

When I lived up north here in the states, I'll always remember visiting with an elderly member of the garden club I was in.  We were sitting in her beautiful blue swing on her big front porch and she was showing me her garden journal.  

Oh - what a lovely, lovely work of art.  She wrote daily, she painted flowers, she painted parts of flowers and plants.  She painted the landscape.  She painted the seasons.  All along with her lovely penmanship and seed packets and pressed leaves and petals.  

I was so inspired.  She was magnificent!  Decades of gardening and her love for it was very apparent.

I haven't talked to her for years now...I hope she's doing well and still able to putter about gardening and painting.