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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Paper Making

Here's my first attempt at making handmade paper.  I used a bunch of scraps from mostly white paper with little to no script on it.  It turned out pretty good for my first try.  It's quite thick, but I hope to improve.  And - homemade paper tends to be a bit thicker with texture - which is what attracts me to it in the first place :)  

I used geranium petals and rosemary leaves.  It's fun to forage for items to embed in the paper.  I'll try different colors of paper next time to see how it turns out.

Last month I spent writing letters for A Month of Letters or Lettermo.  It's always a lot of fun to receive mail from people all over the world.  I've been looking to find a wax seal for awhile now and finally found this bee.  It looks great with the bronze wax.

I bought a few different colors of wax, like this metallic blue.  I decided to put my seal on a paper inside the envelope instead of sealing the flap on the outside, as usual.  I think with the modern machines the postal service uses, it wouldn't be appreciated and would probably come off during processing.  I could take it in and have it hand stamped I suppose, but I live so far from the post office it wouldn't be very convenient.

I discovered a tea company that I haven't tried and put in an order for my favorite Harmutty Assam.  Of course, to get free shipping I ordered a few more items to sample and have been very happy I did.  

I used to collect cups and saucers as a kid and I've saved a few favorites.  I just happened to have this pretty violet teacup to try out my new violet tea in.  Sometimes things just work out that way!  

Peace All  

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