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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Painted Planters

Our dogs eat a lot of green beans as part of their doggie dinners, so I decided to save some of the cans to use for plant cuttings or starting seeds.  Then I thought - well, I can spiff them up a bit with some paint...and that's how these Mexican flower motif planters came about.  

I like to repurpose books for art journals.  I found this smaller sized book and I love it because it has a spiral binding.  The spiral binding makes it stay flat so it's great to paint in.  Plus, this one was a journal-type book to begin with, so there isn't much on the pages. I love our thrift stores - can't beat the $1 price tag!

Here, I've been playing with the gelli plate, pulling some colorful prints to use in collage and other art projects.  Just seeing all those gorgeous colors makes me feel happier!  

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