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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Junk Journal

So, this is my version of a "junk journal".  I take any excess paint that I have leftover from a painting session and make little abstracts with it.  I've been using an old card deck for this, but I'm sure I could come up with other things to paint when the deck runs out.  

I can then stencil, sticker, paint, use pens, or whatever on top of the paint to add interest.  Then I seal them with a matte sealant and they're done.  Good for informal art swaps or even just for looking at when I want a blast of color therapy.

I think back on the days when I used to throw out excess paint.  WHAT!  I don't know where my head was at - but, then I'm not always sure where it's at on any given day, haha!  

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Lynda said...

Hi Lynn, thanks for stopping by my blog, I just spotted and replied as I've had a busy weekend. I love your creativity and look forward to following your creative adventures. It is always nice finding other Florida bloggers!!