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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Garden Party

I'm saying this up front - I am not a tobacco smoker, but I'm not judging anyone that is.  Now, I'm not exactly sure why I painted my subject smoking except that I had already put the wine glass on the table and then I thought she needed to be doing SOMETHING - so I just stuck the smoke in her hand.  (people have asked me about this)

Plus, I like to think that maybe she's not smoking tobacco, but maybe something a little more medicinal, Haha!  

I do these quick little ink and watercolors while I sit out back in the garden waiting for the birds or butterflies to come around so I can get a shot of them with my camera.

I've included the smaller Bird-of-Paradise, Heliconia and the Passionflower vine in this painting.  Oh, and some palm fronds. 

This is a small postcard size painting on heavy watercolor paper.


Janice Day said...

I had to smile - you are such a character Lynn. I think when we paint we include whatever we think will complete the painting and if that is the subject smoking, so be it. There does not need to be a reason as long as the finished result sits well with us. I enjoy your paintings.

Lynn McIntosh said...

Janice, I'm so happy you had a smile - that made my day!!! I try to fill my days with positive thoughts and most of my art is simple and just makes me feel good to see the colors come to life! Thank you very much for your very generous words!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Well, since it's a garden 'party', she just might be smoking something medicinal. :-)

Your artwork is happy.


Lynn McIntosh said...

Lorraine, it is so nice of you to have a look at my goofy art blog! :) I thank you very much! And thank you also for your very nice compliment! It truly is therapy to draw and paint! I see you do needlework and crafts, I'm sure it is a similar feeling for you!

Anonymous said...

I immediately assumed she was smoking the ganja. LOL

Lynn McIntosh said...

LOL Elizabeth! I think we think alike! :)