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Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Vernal Equinox

A very Happy Spring Equinox to all my northern hemisphere friends!  And a very Happy Autumnal Equinox to all my southern friends!  

Here in Florida we didn't have spring, it skipped ahead already to summer!   It's been hot, but at least the humidity isn't around yet.

Anyway, I did this watercolor on heavy watercolor paper last year for the first day of spring.  Someone asked me why the girl had to pull up the roots on the flowers - oh, that cracked me up.  I hadn't even realized that's how I painted it and I have no idea, why - I guess I thought the painting needed some brown in that area to balance it out.  

Goes to show how painting helps take me out of myself  to where I just feel and not think.  And that's a good thing!



Elizabeth said...

If this were a painting for sale . . . I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Love, love, love!

Lynn McIntosh said...

Hi Elizabeth! Oh, you are so very nice and have left such wonderful comments! It truly made my day to read them all! I would LOVE to gift you a print of this painting if you want to send me your address. My email is: lynnmcintosh50@yahoo.com. I love it that you love this!!! Thanks so much!!!