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Monday, January 18, 2016

Envelope Art

I've discovered a new hobby of late - penpals!  It's been ages since I had a penpal, not since my teens.

Apparently, it's popular again with the Snailmail Revolution.  Younger people having fun sending and receiving mail in their postboxes.  I forget, they grew up with the Internet already established and snailmail is truly something new to them.

Well, I've found that I'm loving going to my mailbox again and receiving letters instead of just bills and ads.  What a joy!  And I absolutely love meeting people from all over the world.  It's always so interesting to learn how people live their day to day lives in different countries.

Anyway, I've been decorating my envelopes with art and it's been so much fun!  Here I did three in a tropical theme with colored pencils and sent them off to Norway, Scotland and Finland.  I hope it brightens up their cold wintry day!  

Next, I'm working on some Valentines.

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