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Friday, January 29, 2016

Collage Mail Art

This week I did a postcard swap with an art therapist that lives up north.  I'm wondering what she thinks of my rather dark collage.  I didn't "feel" dark when making it, I think it just came about that way after painting the background.

I liked the Mona Lisa in sunglasses that I found in a magazine and the rest just sort of morphed together from there.

The back side has absolutely nothing to do with the front.  Except for the words "This Place is Amazing" - because if you've had the pleasure of visiting the Louvre, you'd have to agree, lol!  

The paint from the front got on the back along the edges and I thought a graffiti type look was the way to go.  I didn't work too hard at this, but then I never work too hard at any of my art.  It just isn't fun then.  

I definitely had fun putting this together and hope to find more postcard artists to exchange with.

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