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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My Animal Spirit Guide

I drew this coyote a very long time ago.  I've always kept it because I like canines - dogs, wolves, coyotes, fox, etc...not really sure how I feel about jackals - but I've got a special spot for this family of mammals.

Anyway, this is a brief account of how I discovered my animal spirit guide.  Oh, come on now, stop it - I can only imagine what some of you are thinking. Well, I am a little on the woo side but I like to keep an open mind. AND, as to how this happened, I can no longer think that things are merely coincidence.

Last year during meditation, I asked if I had an animal spirit guide and would it reveal itself to me.  The next morning as I was waking up - in that in between state of sleep and waking, I saw in my mind a piece of paper with the word "coyote" hand written on it.  

Hey, I thought "thank you" very much!  I certainly wasn't thinking about anything as I was waking up and it was a complete surprise to get that thought being flashed into my head.

The thing is, that evening when I went out back, I saw a coyote run right across in front of me!  Now, I would say the earlier thought of the word coyote could be nothing, but combined with seeing a  coyote (which we have in the area, but I hadn't seen until now) and having specifically asked, is well, quite amazing to me!  

I've also found that I've collected coyote items over the years without really thinking about it and even have a coyote skull that I'll post a photo below - it's kind of spooky, probably better suited for Halloween, lol!  But I just didn't feel like going to get the skull and taking another pic of it.  It actually drives my dogs nuts, so I keep it in a glass case.

So - there it is - my experience of asking to meet my animal spirit guide and receiving an answer.  Whether you believe in such things or not, I don't know myself, but I am connecting to nature much more these days and enlightening and wonderful things have happened since I started seriously meditating!  

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