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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Easy Marbling Technique

I finally tried the shaving cream marbling technique.  And I'm so happy I did.  What fun!  And it was easy!  

There's videos on Youtube that can easily be found.  But basically, it's just putting shaving cream (bought at the dollar store) into a shallow pan, putting a few drops of acrylic paint on top and then swirling it around to make a pattern.

Then whatever paper you want to "print" on, just put it on top of the swirled paint and lightly press down.  Push around to all of the edges so it gets pressed down all over.  Peel the paper off from the paint/shaving cream and use a ruler or squeegee to scrape the excess off from the surface.  Let dry.

I made some papers and also did a few envelopes.  I protected the envelopes with a matte sealant so they could be sent through the mail.  

Here's some pink papers and envelopes that I did because I loved how the blue colors turned out.  

Think I'm inspired to make some in more autumnal colors next!

And I hope you're inspired to give this easy technique a try!

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