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Monday, May 18, 2015

Excitement in the Garden

Nope, I haven't seen a UFO in the garden.  But one can hope!

Little story:  I usually meditate on the balcony off the bedroom at around 10:30pm or so every night.  The balcony faces the huge preserve that we live against.  Last year I came to notice a light out in the preserve during the time I was meditating.  It was clear out there and it showed up from time to time, not on a set schedule and it never moved.  Then once I saw it moving!  I strained my brain trying to figure out what it could be, because no way is there anybody out there.  We're not "suppose" to go in the preserve, never mind there's no paths, it's pitch black out there at night, there's diamondbacks galore and of course other potential dangers including bear, boar and panther.

Well, this kept happening and I couldn't figure out what it could be and I teased my husband that we have "visitors".  

After the summer was over our HOA put a paragraph in the newsletter reminding us that we are not to go in the preserve and that local teens had been found to have DRAGGED A COUCH out there (unbelievable!!!) and made a sort of fort in a clearing!  

Wow!  That is determination!  I can't imagine dragging a cooler out there let alone a couch.  So anyway, that is what inspired this little painting on postcard sized heavy watercolor paper with watercolors and ink.  

I actually did see a UFO once up north...


Anonymous said...

Just wondering if your actual sighting up north was before or after the wine (and special tobacco maybe)? ;-)

Just teasing . . . as you mentioned you don't smoke. I'm thinking it must be pretty amazing living next to a preserve ~ UFOs and all.

Lynn McIntosh said...

Hi Elizabeth - lol, well, I don't smoke tobacco...the UFO up north could have been something normal that I just couldn't identify. It was cigar shaped and light colored and it was silently moving through the clouds and then suddenly it stopped and didn't turn around, but then it started to glide back the way it came. I searched all over for any sightings or any news reports of what it could be. So I guess it was just that - unidentified. :)